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Cover Story
26 NGOs Enabling Indian Education

If India’s K-12 education system hasn’t collapsed completely, it’s due to the efforts of the country’s private schools and estimated 2 million NGOs engaged in providing direct or supplementary education and health services to millions of children neglected by government schools, hospitals and other institutions

4182 Views | 3 Comments | Posted on:16 Aug,2016
Institution Profile
Hayde Heritage Academy, Kotdwara

Promoted by Indo-Pak 1965 war hero Brig. Desmond Hayde, HHA has emerged as a model school of the educationally backward Pauri Garhwal region

605 Views | 3 Comments | Posted on:16 Aug,2016
Expert Comment
Applied knowledge & skills deficit

Manjula Shroff is chairperson of the Ahmedabad-based KALOREX Group of institutions

177 Views | 3 Comments | Posted on:16 Aug,2016
Career Focus
Highly-specialised seafaring vocation

Oil and gas companies, national governments and environment organisations are engaging the services of marine biologists to study aquatic plant and animal life

195 Views | 3 Comments | Posted on:16 Aug,2016

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