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Guest       0   28 March , 2012
Guest       0   31 March , 2012
Guest   The three-week tour of Dr Howard Gardner will certainly be immensely fruitful to the Indian education system or at least to the 8,000 teachers and academicians who attended his sessions. But I believe calling it an “inflection point for Indian education” (as Ashish Rajpal calls it at the end of the article) would be an overstatement. Dr Gardner’s good work is, indisputably, exemplary and the overwhelming response showed by thousands of teachers and academicians is also commendable. However, merely by attending a lecture cannot transform the deep-rooted teaching pedagogies followed by Indian teachers. A lot needs to be done at the policy level in India. CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation) --- which is an innovative tool to test the students’ skills through a series of summative and formative assessments rather than through a pen & paper test at the end of the year --- introduced in the classes 6-10 in the CBSE schools is a welcome step in this direction. But even CCE alone would not be enough as the new system is being implemented only in the CBSE-run schools leaving out hundreds of thousands of state board schools and ICSE schools. Having said this, the lecture series of Gardner in India’s premier cities is expected to reinforce the idea of holistic development of kids and multiple intelligences. These concepts may not be completely new to the Indian consciousness but they certainly need repetitive reminders in forms of workshops, conferences, lectures and seminars, so that the transformation in our education system can happen, albeit gradually, but smoothly. The lecture series seems to be one of such efforts.   5   2 April , 2012

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